Meet the QuickBooks Live Virtual Bookkeepers

So yes, you will not be on live video with clients the entire shift. Do you work with the same customers each month and then add additional as time permits? Depending on the group that you are working with within QuickBooks Live, you may work with the same customer month after month. Additional customers are […]

Debit Memorandum: Definition in Three Scenarios

Now, let’s assume the customer wants to return defective equipment they purchase from the business. When the equipment is returned, the seller credits the buyer’s Accounts receivable to reflect in the books that the customer no longer owes anything. At the same bookkeeping clean up time, the seller sends a credit memo to the buyer […]

A Simple Guide to the Manufacturing Accounting Process

Apply for financing, track your business cashflow, and more with a single lendio account. Inventory is continually being sold and restocked, so you may need to make a cost flow assumption. Lean manufacturing is all about minimizing waste while maximizing productivity. It is a practice first initiated by Toyota but has influenced manufacturing for decades, […]